baryta carb 200


  • Children, both physically and mentally weak
  • Inability to swallow anything but liquids
  • Feels as if legs are cut off and he is walking on his knees
  • Sensation of a cobweb on the face (Alum, Calad, Graph, Sil)
  • Offensive foot sweat; toes and soles get sore


It is a very useful remedy in homeopathy, which is long-acting and deep-seated. It is a white amorphous powder, odorless and tasteless, which is stable in the air; almost insoluble in water and is decomposed slightly by boiling water. It is insoluble in alcohol but easily soluble in dilute HCI or HNO3. Baryta can be easily obtained by purifying bone ash.

  • It is best suited to mentally backward patients who are dwarfish in body and mind; cretinism, puffy face, distended abdomen and enlarged glands with very thick lips.
  • The patient looks very idiotic.
  • It is also suited to old people who are fat and weak, who have a childish behavior.

Ailments From: Suppressed perspiration of foot, emotions, crusts and vermin on the scalp, etc.

A seat of Action (Pharmacodynamics): Mind, nerves, throat, glands, heart, blood vessels, nutrition, tonsils, prostate, etc.

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