Key attributes of homeopathic single remedy Phosphoricum Acidum are Brain-fag, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Enteric Fever, Mental Debility, Spermatorrhoea, Urinary Troubles

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Phosphoricum Acidum is a chief remedy for mental debility. Debility first affects mind then the body. Weak memory, difficult apprehension, incapacity to think, disinclination to talk, weeping disposition. Phosphoricum Acidum also helps in brain-fag. The patient answers slowly but correctly. Indifferent to those things that used to be of interest because of debility and emaciation. Low spirited and anxious about future. Mental conditions are due to bad news, disappointed love and loss of vital fluids.

Phosphoricum Acidum also helps in diarrhea due to fear, from acids or during cholera. Painless, non-debilitating, white or yellow watery stools. Passes stools involuntarily with flatus.

Phosphoricum Acidum is useful in urinary troubles due to diabetes mellitus or insipidus, sexual excess, shock, operations etc. Urine is like milk mixed with jelly-like bloody pieces. Profuse urination at night. Urine is clear, watery but forms white cloud at once due to the presence of excessive phosphates. It is also useful in diabetes mellitus of nervous origin.

Phosphoricum Acidum also helps in treating spermatorrhoea. There is frequent and profuse emissions several times in one night even after coitus. It is much debilitating making the patient sad, abashed and despair of a cure.

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