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Sydney Homeopathic Care is a leading Australian Homeopathy Clinic providing natural and safe treatment over the phone and WhatsApp for over 10 years. We have achieved exceptional results with homeopathic remedies where other conventional medical treatments failed to ease your condition. We have treated patients from all over the world with our unique Online Treatment Plan. If you’re looking for the best homeopathy In Sydney then look no further. Consult us now to book your first consultation with homeopath Nayana Patel.

In the era of new technology, more and more people prefer WhatsApp consultation and get homeopathic medicine delivered at their door without any hassle and at their own convenience. In this age everyone is really busy with their daily schedule and has little or less time to visit a doctor or homeopath, so we have developed a unique online homeopathic treatment plan.


Nayana Patel is a leading homeopath with intensive clinical experience of more than 10 years in treating various acute and chronic health conditions.

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I still remember the day when we had our first bundle of joy born in June 2015 after 10 years of our marriage. I saw suddenly some white patches appeared on his chest area, both shoulders and under the chin . We both were stressing out obviously as we did not know what it is. We went to 3 specialist and all of them confirmed it is Vitiligo and we were told that there is no medicine in allopathy to prevent it or even cure.We started researching on the internet and found about homeopathy and about Nayana. I must say that the first visit we had, I found some light of hope in the midst of all darkness. We made good decision to see Nayana and her treatment was awesome and she has made us both smile again. I highly recommend her for homeopathy.

Kirti Pillai


We have been to their new homeopathic clinic at Wentworthville at 2 Lane Street, Sydney. I have noticed the most improvement of all! The original spots under my eyes seem to fill in. The spots on my right hand have partial repigmentation (50 – 60%). The big spot on high on my chest and the big spot on my right shin have some repigmentation (20%.) I haven’t noticed any change in the large irregular spot on my back. I don’t believe there are any new areas of vitiligo. The disease seems to have stopped spreading! I am thrilled there is repigmentation happening! Thank you for your help!!

Vicky Patel


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