New Scientific Study Shows Homeopathic Remedy Has Significant Effect

A new study has been performed at the Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory Department of Zoology, India with amazing results. The study can be seen here in the JCIM Journal.


“The Objective: Whether ultra-highly diluted homeopathic remedies can affect living systems is questionable. Therefore, this study sees value in the analysis of whether homeopathically diluted glucose 30C has any effect on Escherichia coli exposed to arsenite stress.”


The astounding results were:


” In arsenite-exposed E. coli, the glucose uptake increased along with decreases in the specific activities of hexokinase and glucokinase, intracellular ATP and membrane potential and an increase in the gene expression level of glucose permease. Glucose uptake increased further by the addition of 1%, 3% or ultra-highly diluted glucose in the medium, but not by the placebo.”


Heidi Stevenson writes more about it in Gaia Health:


New Scientific Study Shows Homeopathic Remedy Has Significant Effect

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