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Sydney Homeopathic Care is leading Australian Homeopathy Clinic In Sydney, providing natural and safe treatment for more than 10 years with 500+ satisfied clients.Homeopathic treatment have shown great results over the years and have proven effective as well.

Our aim is to serve and motivate you to have a fit and healthy lifestyle by organize great health and welfare.

Our proficient homeopathy doctor guarantee the best possible treatment for our clients in sydney.

Nayana Patel is a leading homeopath with intensive clinical experience of more than 10 years in treating various acute and chronic health conditions.

Nayana has studied Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) for 6 years from one of the reputed institution in India and started working in one of the famous homeopathy Hospital in India. She also opened her own Homeopathy Clinic In Sydney and was getting different types of patients who were really tired of conventional medicines and treatments. Over the years She if fetching real marvellous results even in rare and challenging cases by using homeopathic medicines and treatment that not only cure human bodies but also are perfect for their minds and souls.

She is the prominent member of Australian Register of Homoeopaths (AROH) and Australian Homeopathic Association.

Over the years Nayana has developed unique homeopathic treatment where she finds more success in treating very acute and chronic health conditions.

She is having a perfect combination of age old Homeopathic treatment philosophies and the latest research in Medicine, Nutrition and health and fitness. She has cured and solved many critical health problems as she has practiced homeopathy in dermatology, gynaecology, cardiology, psychology, Neurology, pathology, paediatric conditions etc.

Her exhaustive research of more than 10 years serves patients to completely recover from their illness permanently. She is consistently striving to make homeopathy treatment outcome more consistent. She uses various analytical approaches and methodologies to come up with effective and deep prescriptions for a patient that help them to overtake the illness in a much faster and better way.

Nayana Practice homeopathy from 2 Lane St Wentwrothville NSW 2145 and 5 Marlene Cr Greenacre NSW 2190. In this new era of technology, now patients across the world call her and take advantage of phone consultation ( +61 430 714 487)  and/or online consultation over the skype ( Skype: Sydneyhpathy).


Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

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Professional Achievements:

Intensive Clinical Experience in Homeopathy at Homeopathic Hospital.
More than a decade of experience and exhaustive research.
Successfully handled More than 1000 cases.
Scientific case approach and analysis.
Detailed psychological and constitutional study.
Member of reputed Australian Register of Homeopaths.
Member of  Australian Homeopathic Association.

sydney homeopathic care

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